Current Event: Murder at Yale.

September 18, 2009 at 11:23 am (Uncategorized)

The article I read was about a student at Yale University, Annie Le, who was killed by another student.  This student’s name is Raymond Clark.  The murder occurred in New Haven, Connecticut in “the basement wall of an off-campus medical research building.”   It is believed that Raymond Clark strangled Annie then hid her body.  Some bloody clothes were also found in the ceiling tiles somewhere else in the building.

Annie’s body was found last Sunday.  Although, “she was last seen alive September 8, the day she appeared in a surveillance video entering a four-story lab”.  The day Annie was found was supposed to be her wedding day.  I think that, with today’s use of DNA evidence it won’t be hard to figure out that Clark is the culprit.  There was blood and other types of DNA found on the scene the crime so it seems pretty obvious that Raymond Clark killed Annie Le.

This story, in a way reminds me of the Virginia Tech shooting.  The stories are both pretty similar.  Out of rage, a student killed another student on a college campus.  The motives of the killers might have been a little bit different but, for the most part, the stories are slightly similar.

When the author of this article starts to quote people gets a little bit boring.  Sometimes, the quotes just make the story seem long.  I like them to be short and to the point.  If I could pick a different ending to this story it would be that Annie is alive in the end.  This is such a tragedy and I can’t believe something like this would happen to someone who seemed to be an innocent girl.  I completely disagree with the decision making of Raymond Clark in this article.  But then again, who would agree with a murderer?


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