Office 2007

November 11, 2009 at 9:04 pm (Uncategorized)

1)    Where is the ribbon located?
The ribbon is located at the top of the screen in a Microsoft office 2007 document.
2)    What are the three main components that make up the ribbon?
The main components are tabs, groups, and commands.
3)    What are the names of all the tabs?
The tabs are Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review, and View.
4)    Where are the group names located?
The group names are located at the bottom of the ribbon in a darker shade of blue.
5)    What are the commands?
Commands are the things found inside groups that can be done to a document.
6)    What is a template?
A template is an example or starting place document.  It’s an example of how to do something.
7)    Why are templates helpful?
They are helpful because they are a starting place for you to build on.
8)    What is the good thing about styles in office 2007?
The styles in office 2007 make it easy for anyone to use.  They are very visual. OR It can help you give a heading, title, subtitle, emphasis, etc.
9)    What are some of the uses for a table in word?
Tables can be used as charts or schedules.
10)  What are graphics?  How can you use them in word?
Graphics are things that can be found in the insert tab, illustrations group and they can help you insert pictures.
11)  What is mail merge?  What can you this for?
Mail Merge is an application to create a form letter that you are going to send to multiple people and send each copy to a different person.
12)  What is document security view?
Document security view restricts how people view the document.
*13)  Why do you think that office has changed so much?
Office has changed so much to keep up with the competition.  It has become more visual so that it is easier for the average person to use and understand.
*14) If you don’t know how something in technology works, what are some ways you can learn?
You can ask your teacher or a friend to help you or you could even use the help button.

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